Ketogenic Living 101 has three packages to choose from when it comes to obtaining your certification. Launching a health coaching business can be daunting, and we want to set you up for success. Changing lives is so important in the day and age we live in. Technology should not be the thing that gets in your way!



This is an easy-to-understand and implement course that will help you safely and effectively help your clients find a way to make the ketogenic lifestyle work for THEM:

  • 6 Comprehensive Modules that guide you - at your own pace - through everything from the science behind keto, how to calculate macros, HIIT-style workouts, keto for chronic disease, plateau-busting strategies, and how to successfully operate your Ketogenic coaching business. Complete at your own pace - you'll get lifetime access.
  • Certification Exam: A 60-question exam that you can take when you're ready (required completion with 6 months) to achieve your certification.
  • Coach Certification Diploma: Once you successfully complete the program and pass the exam, we'll email you a beautiful diploma.
  • Relevant Updates: As important, relevant studies about the ketogenic lifestyle are made available, our team updates the science and information in this certification to ensure that it's the most up-to-date certification possible. You'll get all future updates for free, with lifetime access to the coaching modules.
  • Keto Living Coaches Community: Going forward, your fellow coaches will help to support and guide you with access to our online community.


You get access to all of the materials and tools that I've used to build my own coaching and consulting business:

  • My full Ketogenic Living 101 and 102 Program Guides to use with your own clients (these are what I use with personal clients - and you can brand them as your own and present to your clients). These are 2 entire programs (Ketogenic Living 101 and 102), so that you can start coaching your clients through immediately.
  • Full Nutrition Resources for Your Clients: This includes meal plans, pantry lists, and recipes..
  • Written Workouts: You can also re-brand my workouts and use them with your clients.
  • My Entire Sales Funnel: This includes the five-email sequence that I use to move a client from potential to paying.
  • Client Intake Form: Use this to onboard your clients.
  • Liability Waiver: To protect yourself and your business. 
  • My Social Media Posts and Client Emails: The exact posts I use and emails I send to my group coaching clients.

** Due to the sensitive intellectual property information shared, refunds are not provided. To ensure this program is the right fit for you, please schedule a consultation call. **



Certification Online Course + Business-in-a-Box + Digital Assets 

If you want to level up your certification, this package includes everything included in the Online Course + Business-in-a-Box plus:

Kickstart your Keto Coaching Business with this bundle of assets to craft your debut and your business! This package will save you HOURS of work automating your program for your clients. In order to qualify this program, you have to subscribe to the Practice Better software.

  • Practice Better Ketogenic Living 101 PROGRAM ready-to-go Template
  • Branded Eat This, 10 Day Healthy Habits Challenge Lead Magnet P
  • Two one hour coaching calls with CEO and founder of KM Health Coaching.
  • Discount for personal practice Better branding session with Onelly Eats LLC

Don’t love pink? Want to move sections around or add more pages? I have partnered with ONelly Eats LLC for the personal branding upgrade.

** Due to the sensitive intellectual property information shared, refunds are not provided. To ensure this program is the right fit for you, please schedule a consultation call. **


Coach Monica, I want to start coaching NOW! I don't want the responsibility of building a business from scratch... This package is for you! If you want to bypass the business building portion of your journey and put your new skills to work, You can apply for a coaching position for KM Health Coaching.

You must pass the Ketogenic Living 101 Certification as well as the Ketomom Method Coaching Certification and be accepted into the program.

When you put your mind to it... the sky is the limit. You can do anything you dream.

-Coach Monica