Is Coaching a FIT for me?

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Am I right for this program?
This program is suited for people who believe in the science behind ketogenic living, want to help others lose weight and prevent chronic and life-threatening diseases, and who are willing to provide 1:1 coaching to help their clients succeed. You can be a seasoned fitness pro, health coach, nutritionist, or someone who is interested in breaking into the health and wellness industry with a cutting-edge nutrition and fitness program. Perhaps you are affiliated with a wellness MLM company, earning a small percentage of income from the products you sell, this certification would be a way to increase your knowledge, provide superior programming, and make 100% of the money earned on each client you work with. Maybe you are a personal trainer or group fitness instructor looking to simplify your business, this certification would allow you to offer proven nutrition strategies to help current clients increase lean muscle while torching body fat, and to work with more clients via online group programs. Hey, if you are a Ketogenic Living 101 graduate whose life has been drastically improved by this program and you are ready to share it with the world, this certification gives you everything needed to bring the ketogenic lifestyle to your friends, family, community, and beyond!

What does it mean to be a "Ketogenic Living Certified Coach?"
As a Certified Coach, you will be able to run your own Ketogenic Living online and/or in-person programs, using all of our content and materials. Your initial investment gives you the rights to the full program content and all marketing materials. You keep 100% of your profits from all of the programs you run!

How long will it take me to become certified?
This is an online program that allows you to go at your own pace, however, you do have a six-month limit to take the exam. Some participants will finish in 1-2 weeks, and some may take the full six months. 

Are there any recurring fees/ongoing costs?  
Absolutely not! At some point, you may want to consider investing in my business coaching services and other marketing packages, but once you become a Ketogenic Living Certified Coach, you are family. Family is love, and love don’t cost a thing.

Will I be required to purchase any products/supplements, or join a "team"?  
Not at all! Ketogenic Living Certified Coach program participants are never required to buy programs, products or supplements. Think of the Ketogenic Living Coach Certification program as a college course. There are some recommended readings and podcasts to deepen your understanding of the ketogenic world, however, everything you need to know to be a successful Ketogenic Living Certified Coach is provided in the program modules.

If you are affiliated with a direct sales company and/or are already in the wellness industry, I will teach you how to incorporate your current offerings into your Ketogenic Living Coach business.

May I see an example of the Digital Assets? (Coming soon)
Sure! Follow 
this link to view a site demo. Please note that your Digital Assets package will be available after you complete the course training and pass the online exam. 

Are Payment Plans accepted? 
Yes! We offer a three-month plan that is automatically billed each month. There is a fee for this service. When you decide the plan you would like, arrange this with Coach Monica

I live in a red state, what does that mean? Will I not be allowed to work?
“Red” states are those that require a license to provide individualized nutrition assessment, guidance, counsel, and support. Unfortunately, only certain Dietitians can apply for and receive this license. We have partnered with the Council of Holistic Health Educators who are fighting to overturn these laws. Additionally, as a Ketogenic Living Certified Coach, they are here to help you craft a pathway to practice that will allow your business to prosper – even in a red state. 

** Due to the sensitive intellectual property information shared, refunds are not provided. To ensure this program is the right fit for you, please schedule a consultation call. **